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Choose The Right Running Shoes To Prevent Injury

It is vital to choose the right running shoe when you start your running exercise program. The running shoes you wear will make all the difference in the way you feel when you run. If you choose the wrong running shoe, you will be uncomfortable in your exercise efforts, making it harder on you and you will be more than likely quit running before you even start and give it a chance.

Great consideration should be taken in choosing the type of running shoe you should buy and take in to account it is a crucial form of injury prevention. When you choose the right running shoe, your new exercise routine will be a positive experience.

Different Types Of Running Shoes Are Available

Running shoes are range from a more structured design to a more minimalist design. Each range of running shoe includes different types of runners with a heal toe strike to those with more of a mid foot strike. There is not one running shoe that will fit all types of runners. You have to research and decide which running shoe is best for your running style.

Buying The Correct Running Shoes For Your Style

To buy the correct running shoe, you will go to a running store and have them measure your gait. With their technology of cameras attached to a treadmill, they can determine how your feet hit the ground and determine what type of running shoe you need.

Surprisingly, the best way to run is when the ball of your foot hits the ground first directly underneath your knee allowing your leg to compress, acting like a spring and absorbing most of the impact naturally. For this type of running, you want a more minimal running shoe which does not include the extra support and allows the foot to move more naturally.

Most people run with the heel of their foot hitting the ground first. This habit is not easy to change. If this is how you run, then just go with it. You will need a more padded heel shoe with more structure and support throughout the running shoe. This type of shoe will allow your foot to roll through the movement and allow for a smoother run.

Finally, if you have a pronated foot or flat feet, you will need something different. This is why you will need to have your gait measured before you buy to get the best running shoe for your running style.

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