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Comparing Treadmills vs Running Outdoors

Running on a treadmill has many advantages. You can still get your workout done on a treadmill if the weather is stormy, too hot or too cold outside. You can watch TV running on a treadmill and this will make working out much less boring. Running on a treadmill offers an adequate alternative to running outside when running outside is not preferred for some reason.

Running on a treadmill is a great alternative but it does have its downsides. You should not make treadmill running your primary method to get your exercise and here is why.

Take Into Consideration Biomechanics

Running on a treadmill is not biomechanically identical to running outdoors. The way you exercise on a treadmill and outdoors is different and you will see different results in your muscles.

When you run on a treadmill, you are basically trying not to go backwards and stay off the ground long enough to prevent this. When running outdoors, you are pulling yourself forward and reaching out for the next step. Running outdoors works more muscles in the legs, burns more calories and improves your running technique.

Running Outdoors Is Better

Running outside means you are getting fresh air, which is great for your lungs and circulation, and you are getting more sunlight. More sun means more vitamin D resulting in stronger bones and more testosterone for a man.

Advantages To Treadmill Running

There are advantages to treadmill running. Treadmill running is convenient and available when the weather is too bad to run outside. Treadmills force you to run at a constant speed. You cannot slow down or speed up without falling off the treadmill at a constant setting of the treadmill. The treadmill sets the pace and is great for setting a specific running goal or for interval training.