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How To Start And Stay With A Running Exercise Program

Everyone should engage in a running or jogging program, but most people find it hard to stay committed to this activity. Even with all the benefits of running where it burns calories, tones muscles and improves fitness, people still find it hard to participate in running on a regular basis.

Why Do People Find It Hard To Stay Committed To Running?

People fail at maintaining a running program mainly because it is hard work. It is hard on the body, it requires a lot of energy most people are not used to the effort required in this activity. These obstacles can be overcome with the correct mental and physical preparation.

Initially A Person Thinks He Is Prepared To Start An Intense Running Program

In most cases, people start without an understanding of what it is going to take to be in this activity for a beneficial amount of time. They start out too fast thinking they can run long distances instantly. When starting a running program, a person should gradually start out in manageable distances and later build up to longer, massive calorie burning distances.

When starting a running program, most people do not realize how foreign this activity is to the body. They are not used to running any significant distance and the body will go through periods of soreness and pains they may have never had before. This could cause someone to quit. Because of this, you must first start out slow and let your body adjust to this new activity.

A person’s job may be stressful enough to where they are too tired at the end of the day to take a run. Pushing oneself to take a couple of runs a week may be too unpleasant and they just quit.

A Solution

Stop pushing yourself to where you are expecting too much from your body. Start slow and focus on learning to like running rather than trying to see immediate results.

When you start jogging, go at a pace you are comfortable with and run only as far as you feel comfortable with. It does not matter at the start if you are running 100 feet or 1 mile.

Over time you will gradually build up to longer distances as it becomes more comfortable to run. Try to stick to a consistent schedule and over time you will start to see positive results in your new activity.

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