Stop Running From Being A Boring Activity

If you want to improve your health, running is the best exercise to engage in to build more speed and strength in your legs. You can run just about anywhere and it burns a lot of calories.

Most people do not run today as they should because people find running boring. Running, a steady state cardio running, can seem a little boring to people at times. Effective running can be time consuming and dull from just hitting the ground over and over again.

What are solutions to making running a more desirable, enjoyable and fun activity?

Try Kicking A Ball As You Run

Make running a game. As you run try kicking a ball in front of you and then run to it again and again. Make it into a fun sport to play.

Get A Running Mate To Go With You On Your Runs

Your run could turn into an enjoyable competition with a partner as you push each other and try to beat each to the end of your run. It will be less lonely running with a partner. Your running partner does not have to be another person, it could be a dog you can run with.

Bounce A Rubber Ball As You Run

You can take your mind off a boring run if you take a rubber ball with you and bounce it over and over as you run. Your focus will be on the ball as you bounce the ball and try to catch it.

Create Games As You Run

To make running less boring, you can create games as you run. You can create mental games in your head as you run like counting the number of pickups you see or counting the number of white cars you see. Challenge anything particular in your run like run to a certain spot before you turn around or stop. You could also act like you are in a race with other joggers and try to catch them or beat them to a location ahead you see in your run.

The best way to make your run more enjoyable and less boring, is to push yourself by trying to beat your best times and locations to run to. There are endless ways to make running less boring. All it takes is a little imagination.