Save Money And Prepare Your Own Separation Agreement Legal Forms

Preparing separation agreement forms will protect your financial well-being and possessions if you and your spouse decide to separate from your marriage. You both have decided that time is needed to contemplate whether problems in the marriage are minor enough to continue with the marriage or problems are damaging enough to eventually get divorced.

Separation is a stressful time for individuals and families. When and if you separate, you and your spouse will make some immediate decisions concerning your children and your assets that should be put in writing instead of relying on verbal understandings.

When you separate, you want to make sure your life continues as normal as possible without any unforeseen adverse acts intentionally or unintentionally by your spouse or yourself. You need to decide with your spouse in writing by preparing separation agreement forms on how to handle any financial arrangements, alimony if any, child support, real estate debts, personal property, outstanding or recurring bills, who gets possession of certain items or anything else you or your spouse think may cause problems in the future. Separation forms also address the custody and visitation of minor children.

When the decision has been made to separate and you and your spouse have prepared separation forms, you should prepare yourself for the possibility of a lengthy separation, even years before a decision is made on whether to continue with the marriage or get divorced.

A marital separation agreement determines your rights, obligations, and responsibilities concerning your marriage. You and your spouse can change agreements in the document at any time if you both agree to the changes.

When a married couple wishes to separate, it can be a highly emotional time. If you and your spouse have decided that a separation is best, it may be wise to put the details and expectations in writing with a Separation Agreement.