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Keto Simple Salami Platter – Recipe

Introducing the epitome of effortless elegance, the Keto Simple Salami Platter redefines snacking with its harmonious blend of flavors and convenience. This artfully curated platter celebrates the rich and savory notes of premium salami, complemented by an array of complementary textures and tastes. Perfect for both casual gatherings and personal indulgence, this creation showcases the simplicity of keto-friendly ingredients while delivering a sophisticated culinary experience that satisfies the palate and nourishes the body.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
🍽 Servings: 1

2 cups Spinach
1 Egg, boiled, cut in half
5 Salami Slices
6 Olives
1 tbsp. Mayonnaise
2 oz. Cucumber, cut into circles
2 tsp. Olive oil
Salt to taste

1. On a plate place the spinach and drizzle with olive oil. Season with salt to taste.
2. Now layer the cucumber circles and Salami slices.
3. Add 1 egg and olives.
4. Serve with 1 tbsp. mayonnaise.

➡️ Nutritional Information:
Energy – 365.7 kcal
Protein – 18.6g
Fat – 30.5g
Carbohydrates – 4.2g


In essence, the Keto Simple Salami Platter not only elevates snacking to a new level of sophistication but also underscores the idea that simplicity can be profoundly satisfying. With its combination of high-quality salami, assorted textures, and flavors, this platter offers a delightful journey for your taste buds while maintaining the principles of a keto lifestyle. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with company, it embodies the notion that even the most straightforward ingredients, when thoughtfully curated, can create a culinary experience that is both indulgent and health-conscious.