Prepare Your Own Last Will And Testament Forms

You can use a last will and testament template to prepare your own last will. Preparing last will and testament forms are perhaps the most important legal documents the average American will ever sign. You determine who receives your property after you pass away and not the state.

A last will and testament is a legal document that states who your property is distributed to when the time comes, chooses an executor who will manage your estate until your assets are completely distributed, names a guardian for any minor children and sets up trusts for your children if you choose to do so.

Why You Need A Will

You need a will to ensure your assets go to beneficiaries you choose when you pass away. Without a will, each state has their own formula how the property you left is distributed.

Why Not Some Other Estate Planning Tools?

If you have a large estate, then it would be better to create an extensive estate plan. If you do not have a lot of assets, preparing last will and testament forms are all you’ll need for now then you can create an extensive estate plan later in your life when circumstances change.

Why Should I Get A Last Will if My Estate Does Not Have any Value?

If you were to meet your fate by an accident, through an untimely natural cause or by the negligence of someone else, your beneficiaries could receive a substantial sum through the proceeds of a life insurance claim or lawsuit. Without a will, the distribution would go through probate and your beneficiaries would receive much less after a lengthy court process.

In most states, the probate court will first appoint an administrator who will have to post a bond from available cash in the estate or proceeds from the sale of some of the assets in the estate. Because there is no will listing beneficiaries, the courts will distribute the remaining assets according to state law and leave less for your family than you would have wished. You should prepare at the very least a last will to avoid probate.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

There are no legal requirements you have to hire a lawyer to execute your will and there are many resources available that will allow you to prepare your own last will and testament forms. Your situation will dictate if you need a lawyer to prepare last will and testament forms for you.

In normal situations, an attorney will simply enter the relevant names into the proper places on the last will and testament form and then makes sure you sign the document. A high paid attorney is not needed for this simple task and in normal situations, you can save money and prepare your own last will.

Only in unusual circumstances will you need an attorney to prepare last will and testament forms such as: foreseen difficulty in distribution of your property, leaving your spouse out of your will, you have an estate of high value or anything else that you deem to be unusual.

Requirements for Preparing Last Will and Testament Forms?

You must be of legal age, at least 18 in most states, mentally competent that you know you are executing a last will and the will is properly witnessed and signed according to the requirements of the state where you are executing the will.

Benefits for Preparing Your Own Last Will and Testament Forms

· Save money from the high cost of legal fees
· Save time by being in control of the process
· Free from finding a lawyer, attending meetings, missed phone calls, etc.

Reasons for Preparing Your Own Last Will and Testament Forms

· Decide who your beneficiaries are
· Choose a guardian for minor children
· Choose an executor to distribute your property
· Avoid probate

You can decide who is entitled to your estate with a last will and testament. Prepare your last will and testament to keep someone else deciding for you.

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